Flurry Confirms Acquisition of Trestle

The folks at Flurry are touting the newest addition to the Flurry family. Today, the mobile app measurement and advertising platform giant announced its acquisition of Trestle.

Although this may be news to most of us, Flurry actually wrapped up the acquisition in May. Flurry said Thursday that the company has already spent two months to integrate the Trestle service into the Flurry platform for compatibility with other Flurry services.

So what does this coupling of Flurry and Trestle lead to? Flurry AppCloud.

Flurry AppCloud enables app developers to launch highly networked mobile apps without having to build scalable backend infrastructure. Flurry AppCloud provides developers user account management, scalable storage in the cloud and targeted push notifications segmented by Flurry Analytics data. Leveraging these services, developers can focus more of their time building great apps instead of worrying about IT infrastructure costs, data centers and hosting staff.

“While many app developers know how to build great apps, they often underestimate the significant experience and cost required to effectively build, operate and scale network infrastructure that their consumers demand 24 x7 x365,” said Simon Khalaf, Flurry president and chief executive. “During our evaluation of numerous app cloud services companies to integrate, Flurry was very impressed with what the Trestle team built. We are excited to have the Trestle team join us and remain the driving force behind Flurry AppCloud.”