Fluent Gives Marketers Key Insight into The Attributes of Today’s Digital Consumers

Fluent Gives Marketers Key Insight into The Attributes of Today’s Digital ConsumersThe folks at Fluent are out with a pair of insightful new reports that marketers would be wise to peruse.

Divided into two sections, Fluent Ad Network Data and Mobile Shopping Survey, Fluent’s inaugural US Devices and Demographics Report: Q4 2014 dives deep into the attributes of today’s digital consumers, including how they’re using their mobile devices, embracing mobile technology, and participating in an increasingly fragmented online world.

The Fluent Mobile Shopping Survey was conducted online within the United States from January 16-18, 2015 among 5,269 adults aged 18 and older with annual incomes of $35,000 or more.

While the research and findings are far too vast to concisely cover here, a number of key points jumped out at us during our review of the two reports. They include:

  • Android was the clear mobile platform of choice among American digital consumers with iOS a distant second.
  • More than 60% of all interactions of Fluent’s ad network in Q4 occurred on mobile operating systems, referring to smartphones and tablets
  • iOS users displayed a much higher rate of making mobile purchases
  • Increase in screen size has led to a higher overall rate of mobile purchases
  • While many people debate mobile apps vs the mobile web, there is no significant difference between the two in terms of usage

If you want to know more about Fluent and its new report, you can do so here.