FLO TV Reveals Dedicated Handheld Device

FLO TV has officially rolled out its “Personal Television.”

The dedicated handheld device best described as a “TV on-the-go” offers consumers mobile access to live and delayed-broadcast programming of a wide variety – news, sports, entertainment, etc.

Initially priced at $249.99 (the monthly subscription service runs $8.99) the device broadcasts programming delivered from the FLO TV dedicated multicast network. There’s reportedly no buffering or downloading time to slow the viewing process.

The 5 oz. device sports a touchscreen for viewing selections and a battery capable of sustaining five hours of “active viewing.”

What does this product offering mean for mobile marketers? Until the device catches on (if ever), its unlikely that FLO TV will see a great new influx of mobile advertising interest. But the potential is there, particularly with estimates that upwards of 50 million people in North America will regularly absorb some mobile television content by 2013.

FLO TV currently offers programming from networks including CNBC, Comedy Central, MSNBC, MTV, NBC, NBC 2Go, NBC News, NBC Sports and Nickelodeon.