Flipboard Finally Comes to the Web

Flipboard Finally Comes to the WebIt’s about time.

That’s the consensus opinion today in response to news that Flipboard has finally made its hugely popular platform available to hundreds of millions of desktops around the world.

That’s right, the personal magazine for mobile phones and tablets is now available on the Web and for anyone to enjoy right from a browser.

“This release transforms Flipboard from a mobile download to a ubiquitous service, a single place to follow everything you’re interested in. Coming to the Web means it’s not only easier for existing users to browse Flipboard throughout the day, but the barrier to entry for new users is much lower—now people who have never tried Flipboard have a simple way to get started, www.flipboard.com,” said Mike McCue, Flipboard CEO and co-founder.

As of this writing, anyone who has a Flipboard account can access all the sources, topics, magazines and people they follow by logging into flipboard.com.

According to a news release from Flipboard, all familiar elements of the personal magazine are available on the Web, starting with Cover Stories full of highlights from everything a person follows.