Five Companies Joining Together For 2D Barcode Push

Placing 2D barcodes on packaging and other mediums is a practice that’s seen huge advancements in other parts of the world, such as Japan, where an estimated 70% of all cell phone users snap 2D mobile barcodes on a regular basis.

In North America, however, the practice is still almost non-existent. A large partnership between five companies aims to change this with a new initiative to bring 2D barcodes to physical packaged goods in large quantities all across North America.

The partnership has been forged between Modavox, DuPont, Scanbuy, Graphic Packaging International and Augme Mobile. Madavox and Augme will be responsible for the content and advertising delivery, Scanbuy will provide the 2D barcodes and subsequent barcode scanners and DuPont and Graphic Packaging International will provide the actual physical packaging. It’s a collaborative effort to finally bring 2D barcodes to the mainstream in a huge way.

The whole idea is to utilize 2D barcode technology for what’s called “interactive packaging.” Someone buying a product can scan the barcode embedded on the packaging, for example, and get product information, coupon offers, advertisements or promotional info instantaneously while still standing in the store. It’s a concept that’s been tried before, but never on such a large scale.

This is significant in the fact that DuPont and Graphic Packaging International represent massive quantities of packaged goods across several industries and can bring “interactive packaging” to an enormous audience very quickly. Unlike test programs with small grocery stores that have been tried in the past, this push will finally bring the technology to the masses.