First Official Government App Comes to Apple Watch

First Official Government App Comes to Apple WatchNIC Inc., a provider of eGovernment services, says that its team has just launched the first official government application for Apple Watch.

According to a provided statement, the Apple Watch app called Gov2Go was actually launched by the company’s Arkansas subsidiary, Arkansas Information Consortium, LLC.

“Since the founding of our company our single mission has been to harness the power of the latest technology to make government more accessible for everyone,” said Robert Knapp, NIC’s Chief Operating Officer. “We developed an election results application when Palm Pilot devices were the latest technology around 2000, then we followed a few years later with the first official government apps for the iPhone and iPad, and now we are innovating to see how new wearable technology can provide efficiencies in government interactions.”

Gov2Go is the next generation of citizen-centric government from NIC’s Arkansas portal. The Gov2Go Apple Watch app serves as a citizen’s personal digital government assistant that keeps track of government deadlines in a personalized calendar, and sends relevant reminders.

We’re told that NIC plans to launch several additional government apps for the Apple Watch in the coming weeks.