First Mobile Marketing Qualification Launched by mCordis

First Mobile Marketing Qualification Launched by mCordismCordis has long been one of the leading companies in mobile marketing education and services.

This reality played a major role in helping the company become the first to offer an industry-accredited qualification for mobile marketing.

This particular program is designed to improve the education of those working in mobile marketing and also to lend validity to the knowledge those marketers already have.

This is a big development for mobile marketing, which is often seen as lesser than other kinds of digital marketing. The course itself is two days long and requires those who want the qualification to attend in person. It ends with an assessment test, which when passed, provides the certification.

Developed by Michael Becker and Paul Berney (who also teach the class), the course is both theoretical and practical in nature, with an emphasis on how to build mobile marketing campaigns, as well as use mobile to improve customer service and customer loyalty.

Becker says, “Mobile plays such a critical role in the everyday lives of consumers, marketers need to fully appreciate what mobile can achieve and how it fits within the marketing mix. Our accredited qualification helps marketers understand how to incorporate mobile into every aspect of consumer engagement throughout the customer journey.”