“First Mobile Marketing Automation Platform” Revealed by MuseWorx

MuseWorx, a recognized innovator in on-demand marketing automation and brand asset management, has launched a curious new endeavor known as “MuseWorx Mobile,” a project hailed as “the first mobile marketing operating system.” According to it’s description, MuseWorx Mobile enables all stakeholders in the marketing supply chain to perform mission-critical functions from their mobile phones and other devices including sharing, collaborating, tracking, or utilizing brand assets required for marketing campaigns.

It certainly got my attention.

Sp far, the recently introduced MuseWorx Marketing Operating SystemTM, which has more than 250,000 users, “leverages the flexibility and capacity of cloud computing” to provide a single ecosystem for the entire marketing supply chain of corporate marketers, agencies, and service providers. Going one step further, MuseWorx simplifies the go-to-market process by providing an affordable solution that integrates best-of-breed automation tools, resource partners and a collaboration and digital asset management system capable of handling unlimited data, rich media files and users.

With time, we will see if and how the addition of MuseWorx Mobile will help those in the “marketing supply chain” perform those mission-critical tasks from their mobile devices. I’m fairly optimistic about it’s potential and am eager to read first hand accounts of its functionality.

For more information, check out http://museworx.com