First Mobile Magazine for Kids Debuts on the iPad

It’s the first official iPad magazine designed especially for children.

Timbuktu, the electronic magazine in question, is the brainchild of an Italian publisher who believes that children comprise a growing audience of mobile consumers who deserve their own publication.

Presenting the news in an entertaining fashion, Timbuktu combines imagination and technology to display news and stories through the most advanced methods of education.

“In the first issue,” the magazine’s iTunes description reads, “you will find popsicles, arctic beaches, serenades, letters from India and conversations with animals living in extremely cold environments.”

“News,” the ad continues, “has never been this marvelous.”

Although it isn’t clear how much success this particularly offering will have among young audiences, it’s presence speaks to the growing movement to target digital content via tablet computers to the under-18 crowd.

From mobile games and children’s books to new, full-fledged kid themed e-magazines, the future of mobile publishing clearly doesn’t belong to grown-ups alone.

For more information about Timbuktu, click here (iTunes link).