First Mobile App Launched for Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab

First Mobile App Launched for Thomas Edison's Secret LabGenius Brands International, a brand management company focused on toddlers to tweens, and interactive media publisher FatRedCouch have teamed up to roll out what’s called the first mobile app for GBI’s new animated children’s series, Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab.

The Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab app captures all of the excitement of scientific experimentation and discovery while encouraging kids to use their imaginations and creativity to investigate, explore and unlock scientific wonders.

The app, we’re told, features a self-contained play environment offering real experiments that can beĀ  performed at home. There are also games, an interactive inventor library to learn about the greatest inventors of all times and a screening room presenting episodes from the series.

“As kids are discovering the fun of Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab on Netflix, Comcast Xfinity and public TV stations across the country and in 60 international territories, we also wanted to provide a playful way for kids to experience the series on their handheld devices,” said GBI’s President of Global Consumer Products Stone Newman. “FatRedCouch did a great job of combining all of the exciting elements of Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab into an entertaining and playful interactive app that engages kids and involves them in the series as members of the Secret Lab Kids’ Club.”

The new Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab mobile app is available for iOS and Android.