FIRST LOOK: Videology Publishes Eye Opening New Report on Digital Campaigns

HSMAI Hosting Digital Marketing Strategy ConferenceOn Wednesday, MMW was provided an in-depth early look at a new report out today from Videology – a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising.

Videology has just released its Q4 2016 U.S. TV & Video At-A-Glance report.

According to the report, in the second half of 2016, more than one-fourth of advanced TV campaigns used their own first-party data for targeting.

These data segments could include past purchase history, website visits, registration data or loyalty data, and offer brands a way to utilize their direct relationship with customers for more relevant advertising.

Additionally, over the past 12 months, Videology has seen a 273 percent increase in spending on linear TV advertising campaigns and an 840 percent increase in the number of linear TV impressions available to be bought and sold programmatically.

“Brands and agencies have a huge amount of owned data, created through their direct relationship with consumers,” said Scott Ferber, Founder and CEO of Videology. “By layering this first-party customer data into TV campaigns, brands deliver a far more tailored and granular advertising experience, ultimately resulting in greater ROI on their ad spend. This should be, and is becoming, a priority for anyone with access to owned data. I expect we will see this trend grow exponentially in the coming years.”

To review the report in full, click here.