First Look: Telecom and Information Services Leaders Team to Help Brands Reduce Misdirected and Illegal Robotexts

Unwanted and illegal robocalls and robotexts make up the top complaints to the FCC and FTC, with consumers filing nearly two million complaints within the first five months of 2017.

While, for the most part, unscrupulous companies are to blame for robocalls and robotexts, there are times when respected brands can find themselves lumped into the same category if they inadvertently send a communication to one of the nearly 45 million U.S. mobile numbers that are reassigned to another person each year.

Now, two leaders in telecommunications and information services are bolstering their solutions to make it easier for organizations utilizing automated messaging for permission-based customer engagement to comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which protects consumers from the harassment and annoyance of uninvited and repeated communications from companies.

Infutor, the consumer identity management experts, has signed a two-year agreement with iconectiv, an authoritative partner of the global communications industry, to incorporate iconectiv® Right Party Verification for Messaging data into its solution. Right Party Verification for Messaging provides real-time monitoring of mobile number ownership and can identify which numbers have been recycled so that marketers can more easily halt sending messages to those numbers.

Separately, iconectiv has made its Right Party Verification for Messaging offering even more robust by incorporating Infutor data into it. The inclusion of this data further helps ensure the highest degree of accuracy in determining when a mobile number has been reassigned.

“The stakes are high for brands and telemarketers looking to engage consumers via mobile communications – a single text to a wrong number could trigger a fine,” said George Cray, Vice President, Information Solutions, iconectiv. “By integrating Right Party Verification for Messaging into their solution, Infutor can deliver an even more powerful tool for brands that want to ensure only opted-in customers get the messages they want.”