First Look: TE2 Goes Mobile, Expands its Customer Experience Management System

The Experience Engine (TE2), a leader in experience-driven, personalized advertisement and content delivery for connected consumers, shared with MMW some big news this week.

The company announced today the availability of its mCommerce module with mobile and web pre-order functionality.

“With TE2’s mCommerce module, users can find nearby outlets, select items, customize orders, make purchases, book reservations and schedule an in-store pickup through a brand’s app or mobile-friendly website,” a provided release reads. “Other features include menu navigation, product selection, mobile coupons and offers that can be shared on native mobile advertising platforms.”

The mCommerce module is part of TE2’s Experience Management System, the first platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) designed from the ground up to help businesses digitally connect, leverage and monetize physical world experiences of consumers with advanced personalization technologies. The mCommerce module enhances TE2’s Experience Management System that matches real-time consumer needs to available products, events and services.

“We are enabling businesses to disrupt their entire industry with pre-order, reserve and pre-pay,” said Matt Oberdorfer, TE2 vice president of product management. “Our platform personalizes real-time contextual experiences with sophisticated reporting and analytics while providing incremental revenue opportunities. We deliver all of that and more through connected devices that build loyalty and give consumers exactly what they want — where and when they want it.”

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