First Look: Tapjoy Launches the Interplay Studio to Design Custom-Branded Ads Optimized for the Mobile Gaming Environment

Source: Pexels Tuesday, Tapjoy announced the launch of the Interplay Studio, an in-house creative team and design studio dedicated to helping brands, agencies and performance marketers deliver best-in-class mobile ad creative optimized for in-app environments.

Campaigns designed by the Interplay Studio have demonstrated average click-through rate that are 3 – 5X greater than traditional mobile video ads and deliver average in-ad engagement times of nearly 30 seconds.

The Interplay Studio leverages Tapjoy’s expertise in mobile gaming and value exchange advertising to develop custom-branded and contextually relevant Rich Media ads, Playables and Interactive End Cards for mobile video ads. Comprised of a team of award-winning designers, video producers and product specialists, the Interplay Studio offers white-glove service to help advertisers meet their campaign objectives, providing end-to-end support ranging from ideation and creative development, to live operations and optimization for long-term performance. The studio also works with clients to develop an array of localized creatives for international markets.

Interplay Ads run in unique in-app environments, such as natural breaks in the gameplay or in exchange for premium content or in-game goods, ensuring high levels of engagement and brand safety. The Interplay Studio taps into mobile gamers’ mindset to develop fun, engaging ads that serve as a seamless extension of the gaming experience. The science behind Interplay Ads ensures that each creative unit is optimized for the gaming environment while enabling advertisers to correctly match ad formats and audience targeting with the right app genre. Interplay Ads also leverage powerful machine learning algorithms to go beyond standard engagement metrics, such as impressions and clicks, to optimize for key downstream metrics, such as sales and conversions.

“Tapjoy understands the in-app mobile gaming experience better than anyone, and by launching the Interplay Studio, we aim to take our white glove support to the next level by helping clients customize and optimize their campaigns for these environments. Our goal is to create experiences are engaging, interactive, and – above all – fun. ” said Meghan McAdams, Tapjoy’s vice president of brand sales. “The Interplay Studio combines our deep roots in mobile gaming with award-winning design and a data-driven approach to deliver unrivaled performance for brand advertisers.”