First Look: Smart Parking Vendors Recognized as IDC Innovators

Ahead of the weekend, International Data Corporation published an IDC Innovators report recognizing four innovative smart parking vendors with revenue under $100 million.

And the spotlight is truly shining globally in this instance.

The four vendors named IDC Innovators for smart parking solutions are Fybr (USA), Parkmobile (USA), Smart Parking Ltd. (Australia), and Worldsensing (Spain).

According to an official release from IDC, smart parking directs drivers to open parking spaces by leveraging 3rd Platform technologies like cloud, mobile, and Big Data and analytics. The parking platform for three of the firms are based on sensors placed within each parking space, while one firm offers a hardware-free solution using an algorithm based on payment and historical data to approximate space availability.

“The provision and management of parking within cities is critical for a city’s ability to function and thrive,” said Mark Zannoni, IDC research director for Smart Cities and Transportation. “Parking impacts the urban economy and quality of life as it provides access to businesses and events, affects traffic, and provides sizable revenues to local governments. Accordingly, more and more cities worldwide are looking at smart parking as a service offering as they transform themselves into smart cities.”