First Look: ShopJester Launches ‘Instant Compare’ Button for Mobile Retail App

First Look ShopJester Launches ‘Instant Compare’ Button for Mobile Retail AppShopJester gave MMW an exclusive first look this week at what the company is formally announcing today — the launch of the new Instant Compare button for its online shopping platform.

The new function, we’re told, offers a “faster and more accurate way for users to compare items, without having to type a keyword while shopping on mobile.”

ShopJester allows customers to search for more than 600,000 products from 38 different retailers all in one convenient place, without having to visit the individual stores’ sites. The ShopJester app is available for free download on both iOS and Android devices.

“Our new Instant Compare button is yet another way for us to make the whole mobile shopping experience better for our users. It compares similar items from all of the retailers, something you can’t do in the physical shopping world. The compare feature can be extended to social media posting as well. We talked to thousands of everyday Americans about what they like and dislike about shopping on their phones, and adapted accordingly,” says Bob Pack CEO of ShopJester and former VP of Sales at NetZero. “Mobile shopping is an ever-evolving sphere and we want to stay at the forefront by continuously evolving our service and improving the overall user experience.”

According to Guided Selling, online shoppers are increasingly frustrated by complicated site navigations, overwhelming options and irrelevant details. Forrester Research estimates that approximately 50 percent of potential sales are lost because potential buyers can’t find what they are looking for.

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