FIRST LOOK: Resulticks’ New Voice-Assist Tech Changes the Marketing Automation Landscape

Resulticks, an omnichannel marketing automation provider, is making waves with its next-generation marketing intelligence breakthrough — the integration of voice assistant technology to its omnichannel lineup.

A sneak peek of the big news this week was provided to MMW ahead of the official announcement Wednesday.

Unveiled at this year’s Gartner Digital Marketing Conference, Resulticks’ innovation in voice assist technology significantly expands brands’ ability to create more real-time customer interactions by leveraging data from multiple sources—including Internet of Things (IoT) devices—to engage in meaningful conversations at the exact place and time of the consumer’s greatest interest or need.

“Context and relevance are the rules of the game in a brand’s interaction with its audiences,” says Redickaa Subramanian, CEO and co-founder of Resulticks. “Pairing our pioneering marketing intelligence module with voice assistant technologies like Google Home and Alexa actually delivers on consumer expectations for what these devices should do. At the same time, it opens up previously unimagined opportunities for brands to interact with customers at a deeply personal level, whether it’s to solve problems or sell products.”

We’re told that since announcing it’s voice assist innovation, Resulticks has demonstrated successful user journeys for industries as diverse as consumer electronics, telecom, and BFSI as well as in the B2B sector. These have ranged from recommending air conditioner maintenance based on local weather forecasts to insurance policy renewals and automating appointment scheduling for B2B clients. Across industries, brands are thinking creatively about how this new channel option can support their consumers at every lifecycle stage form inquiry to sales to servicing.

“Voice is going to be the predominant channel of consumer interaction in the near future,” predicts Dakshen Ram, co-founder and product visionary of Resulticks. “In today’s AI-driven world, recognizing and responding to the ‘voice of the customer’ with contextually relevant conversations in less than a second—based on the last interaction or transaction—will create immense value for both the customer and the marketer. By integrating “voice assist,” we’ve empowered marketers with another important channel for creating a seamless customer journey, staying relevant in the everyday lives of their customers, and building lasting brand loyalty.”

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