First Look: Radius8 Joins Salesforce Partner Program

On Tuesday, Radius8 announced that it has joined the Salesforce Partner Program in support of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, “the fastest path to unified commerce.”

If you’re not familiar, Commerce Cloud enables brands to provide personalized experiences for shoppers that span web, mobile, social and brick and mortar. And now, as part of Salesforce, we’re told that brands can deliver “completely unified experiences for customers that extend beyond commerce to include marketing, customer service and more.”

From the official announcement:

Radius8 delivers a location-specific merchandised online experience around the radius of each physical store based on data in that store and local signals surrounding the store to help Commerce Cloud customers achieve greater conversion of online traffic and increased store foot traffic. By combining data from the brick and mortar store with local signals such as weather, events happening nearby, local sales trends, and social feeds from platforms like Twitter, Radius8 enables customers to maximize the profitability of the both their digital and physical stores.

“Consumers are demanding highly relevant cross channel experiences, yet most retailers offer no online visibility to the local store or leverage the local signals surrounding that store that can create contextually relevant engagement,” Radius8 CEO Sandeep Bhanote tells is. “With Radius8, a retailer’s digital presence becomes location aware so that every customer gets a unique experience based on their geolocation and the surrounding local market influences. For example, a national retailer’s website could provide a unique experience to someone who is at the beach in Miami where it is sunny and 95 degrees than someone who is walking to work in the rain in NYC.”