First Look: Mintigo Announces Predictive Campaigns that Address Omni-Channel Marketing

Mintigo Announces Predictive Campaigns that address Omni-Channel MarketingMintigo, the key player in the world of predictive marketing, is rolling out Predictive Campaigns this morning.

Predictive Campaigns, we’re told, utilizes data and machine learning to increase the marketing effectiveness throughout the customer’s omni-channel journey. The process engages sales prospects with the right message, at the right time, through the right channel – while also arming marketing and sales departments with the deep data needed to break into untapped markets.

Omni-channel addresses mobile, chat, social, video, rich content, display ads, among others. Today’s marketing automation systems are largely “batch and blast” and ignore many of the channels of communication or the messages lack customized value.

With Mintigo’s new Predictive Campaigns, marketers can now launch fully automated omni-channel nurturing campaigns driven by predictive intelligence. Predictive Campaigns leverage marketing and sales activities and responses to forecast the optimal set of campaign actions, increasing sales and conversions.

Enterprise companies including Oracle, Getty Images, TeleTech, Red Hat, Workfront, Equinix, SolarWinds, Time Warner Cable and Neustar work with Mintigo to transform their marketing automation and sales processes.