First Look: Immersion and LG Electronics Get In ‘Touch’ For Expanded Business

MMW learned this morning that Immersion Corporation — a leading developer and licensor of haptic technology — has expanded its working relationship with LG Electronics, Inc., a global powerhouse provider of mobile devices.

Specifically, LG has expanded its license agreement with Immersion, and is now licensed to use Immersion’s TouchSense technology for high-definition haptics in LG Electronics’ premier mobile phones including the LG V30, the next flagship smartphone.

The new agreement builds on an existing agreement between the two companies to enhance LG mobile devices with quality haptic capabilities. Immersion’s HD TouchSense technology is a high-fidelity, system-level solution supporting standard-definition and high-definition (SD/HD) effects. It delivers a high-end, immersive experience for flagship phones and other premium devices.

“Touch feedback is shown to be a strong feature in mobile devices. It provides a quality design aesthetic that appeals to users’ sense of touch, as well as a tactile user interface that makes it easier for consumers to interact with their devices,” said Mahesh Sundaram, VP of Worldwide Sales and Customer Support at Immersion. “Our team has continued to innovate and design haptics for high-value use cases where touch feedback provides an impactful difference in the way people use their devices. We are glad to help LG Electronics expand its adoption of haptics to create quality user experiences for its customers.”

More details about the expanded partnership are expected in the days ahead.