First Look: Half of All Shoppers Say Their Online Experience is Lacking

mainMMW was privy to an exclusive first look this week at a new 2016 Omnichannel Retail Associate Study released today by Salesfloor, a retail technology provider.

The report in question identifies a significant gap in online and brick-and mortar shopping experiences, and a growing demand for improved sales and service from retailers.

According to the study, its summary reads, 58% of shoppers say online shopping lacks the level of service offered in stores, particularly recommendations and guidance from associates, which shoppers still expect to receive when they shop online.

When visiting retail store locations, 84 percent of shoppers seek out help or recommendations from sales associates. But when they visit retailers’ websites, shoppers are left without their expert guidance and knowledge of products, style, fit and more. Fifty-three percent of shoppers want the option to shop online with a sales associate, with 58 percent saying it would be helpful to see his or her recommendations and insights online.

“Retail sales associates are the driving force behind the personalized service shoppers receive in store to encourage purchases and foster relationships, but they’ve been excluded from serving the online customer,” said Oscar Sachs, CEO and Co-Founder of Salesfloor. “Our study shows that shoppers are aware of and frustrated by the impersonal online experience that leaves them sorting through hundreds of product pages with little help. This is the reason we see lower conversion rates online than in store, and can also lead to retailers losing sales to competitors.”