First Look: DynAdmic Uses Digital Element’s Mobile-Derived Geolocation Data within Its Digital Video Advertising Targeting Solution

Digital Element, a global geolocation data and services provider, just announced that DynAdmic, a digital video advertising firm, has selected its global, mobile-derived geolocation dataset to use within its contextual targeting solution, helping to deliver more efficient and effective campaigns throughout Latin America.

Headquartered in France with operations in Brazil, the United States, Canada, Mexico and Germany, DynAdmic has emerged as a leading innovator in the digital video advertising space with its contextual targeting solution powered by audio recognition technology that identifies viewers’ real-time interests, allowing the delivery of ads at the moment their interest level is the highest. Some of the world’s largest brands, including BMW, Red Bull, Kellogg’s, McDonalds and American Express, depend on DynAdmic to deliver high-performing video advertising campaigns in the safest environments.

“Recognized brands began pulling their spending from Google in the spring as a result of their ads appearing next to objectionable content on YouTube and other websites it monetizes,” said Stéphane Bonjean, CEO and co-founder of DynAdmic. “Through DynAdmic’s unique set of tools, we’ve been able to step in to ensure that brands have a safer environment for their advertisements.”

DynAdmic will integrate Digital Element’s NetAcuity PulseTM, the industry’s first mobile-derived IP targeting solution that identifies geographic location down to a postal code level, to effectively target video ads, identify fraudulent ad traffic, and ensure brand safety. Additionally, the company will also employ Digital Element’s mobile carrier and Internet Service Provider (ISP) databases to help add even more viewer context to its targeting solution―without invading consumers’ privacy.

“It’s all about relevancy,” said Bruno Champion, CTO and co-founder of DynAdmic. “We use data to identify consumers in order to match them with the right video ad when it will be most relevant to them. That’s why it’s imperative for DynAdmic to use the most accurate and reliable global geolocation available.”