First Look: Digital Element Sees Steady Increase in Advertisers’ Demands for Mobile Carrier Targeting

The rise of the mobile internet is changing the way consumers interact with advertising and content.

Today’s digital marketplace is characterized by a generation that expects to browse and shop online at any time, in any place, on any device. It is this new paradigm that has more mobile marketers investing in mobile carrier targeting through Digital Element, the global geolocation data and services provider.

As one of the 59+ parameters offered through the company’s flagship NetAcuity® solution suite, mobile carrier data allows mobile marketers to perfect audience segmentation and targeting capabilities by further defining and/or analyzing mobile traffic.

While the majority of Digital Element’s customers using mobile carrier targeting come from the advertising space, the company has seen an increase in demand from businesses in retail, gaming and digital rights management (DRM) industries.

“Marketing in today’s multiscreen age of portability means helping craft compelling customer journeys through the delivery of meaningful advertising and content,” said Rob Friedman, executive vice president, Digital Element. “NetAcuity provides a simple one-source solution to enable companies to combine mobile carrier data with location as well as other information such as connection type and speed to create carefully crafted advertising and content that reaches consumers at the most relevant point in time across their customer journeys―delivered in the right context optimized for their devices.”

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