First Look: DialogTech Launches New Highly Accurate and Sophisticated Marketing Solution

dialogtechLeading call attribution provider, DialogTech, unveiled on Wednesday something it calls Conversation Insight 2.0 powered by Nuance Transcription Engine (NTE).

The offering is touted as being a powerful, fast and highly accurate engine to transcribe audio and unlock valuable insights for marketing and sales teams.

Part of the DialogTech platform, Conversation Insight 2.0 records and transcribes marketing driven calls, making it easy for marketers to run a detailed analysis of phone conversations driven from any marketing source to any call centers, remote agents, business location or franchisee.

It provides marketers with important and previously unavailable insights into the quality of the phone leads they generate from marketing channels, words customers use that can help improve SEM and SEO keyword research and the over-the-phone performance of sales agents that marketers can use to improve conversion performance, drive better leads and increase revenue for the business.

“Calls are a critical touch point along a journey from prospect to customer, but also one of the most difficult for marketers to measure and analyze, especially for calls that don’t go to a call center, so providing our customers the ability to explore detailed, accurate analytics on those conversations is eye opening,” said Irv Shapiro, CEO of DialogTech. “With the speed and accuracy of Nuance Transcription Engine behind Conversation Insight 2.0, we can guarantee that we are offering marketers the most powerful call recording, transcription and analytics platform on the market.”

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