First Look: Deseret Digital Media’s BrandForge And Local Media Consortium Partner

Deseret Digital Media (DDM) announced Wednesday that BrandForge, DDM’s native advertising and content studio for local media companies, has entered into an agreement with the Local Media Consortium (LMC), a strategic partnership of leading local media companies.

Through this partnership, BrandForge and the LMC will provide Consortium members and their more than 1,700 local media outlets across the United States with new tools to launch, scale and expand revenue from native advertising projects for their content marketing clients.

“BrandForge’s services fit extremely well with our core value, which is to provide our members with the highest-quality partnerships and resources to efficiently grow their digital reach,” said Rusty Coats, executive director of the LMC. “Through this partnership, our members – many of whom have small, local staffs – will be able to tap BrandForge’s global expertise to further expand their mobile-ready native advertising services and revenues, without the need for new hires or overhead.”

Coats adds that more than half of the Consortium members’ content is now viewed on mobile devices.

We’re told that BrandForge was selected as an LMC partner following an extensive vetting process by Consortium members. The LMC selects the highest-quality service providers that mesh well with its members’ needs. BrandForge joins the likes of Google, Yahoo! and as approved LMC partners.

“The LMC plays a powerful role in supporting the sustainability of local media, and BrandForge adds to this portfolio by empowering local media to better access the power of mobile-ready advertising revenue,” said Matt Sanders, Senior Director and General Manager of Deseret Digital Media. “We are pleased to join the ranks of a select group of LMC business-to-business service providers, and we look forward to working with Consortium members and their marketing customers to help them garner results.”