FIRST LOOK: Datonics, Kochava Collective Helping Mobile Marketers Easily Reach Desired Audiences

MMW learned Thursday hat online data company Datonics has partnered with Kochava, an industry leader providing holistic measurement solutions for connected devices.

What’s behind the new agreement?W We’re told the effort will provide mobile marketers with access to even more audience data to help them reach specific consumers who are most likely to be interested in their products.

Mobile marketers can access Datonics data through the Kochava Collective, the world’s largest independent mobile data marketplace. Datonics data, which is based on high-quality search, purchase intent, life-stage and B2B data on 180+ million U.S. and Canadian users, enables marketers to run mobile campaigns that are both granular and scalable.

“Increasingly, consumers are using their mobile devices for researching, browsing and purchasing products, including more expensive items than in years past. Marketers are eager to capture the attention of consumers on mobile. We are delighted to partner with Kochava and help marketers reach their desired audiences as they turn more to mobile on their consumer journeys,” said Michael Benedek, CEO of Datonics.

The Kochava Collective houses data from four sources: first-party data collected from the Free App Analytics SDK from over one billion devices globally, integrated mobile networks, direct app and game publishing partners who choose to contribute their data, and data providers such as Datonics.

“Marketing campaigns are strengthened by the scale and accuracy of data. It’s our goal to supply marketers with these two attributes. We are happy to partner with Datonics and extend its rich data to marketers using the Kochava Collective,” said Grant Cohen, GM of Kochava Collective.