First Look: comScore, PlaceIQ Take Deep Dive on Impact of TV, Mobile and Desktop Advertising on Retail Store Visits

On Tuesday, comScore and PlaceIQ announced the launch of a joint solution, PlaceIQ PVR powered by comScore.

The offering, we’re told, measures lift in retail visits resulting from TV, mobile and desktop advertising.

With this solution, marketers and their agencies will be able to understand the holistic impact of their advertising on driving visitation to physical locations such as retailers, automotive dealerships, dining establishments and more.

In addition, media sellers will be able to prove the value of their inventory and its ability to drive consumers to visit brick-and-mortar locations.

The new joint offering is built on comScore and PlaceIQ’s history of providing marketers with accurate insight into the efficacy of advertising. Ad exposure data from comScore is matched to location data from PlaceIQ to measure the overall and individual impact of campaign components such as TV networks, digital publishers, dayparts and placements. comScore can further integrate viewability measurement to account only for digital impressions that have an opportunity to be seen, as is the standard in TV. This viewable lift data provides marketers with an apples-to-apples comparison of lift across platforms and the ability to optimize spend accordingly.

“Auto dealerships, restaurants, travel providers and retailers all have the challenge of connecting the dots between ad exposures and in-store foot traffic,” said Steve Ahlberg, senior vice president, advertising products for comScore. “Today’s launch gives marketers access to the neutral, third-party data they need to make those connections, and to ultimately optimize their marketing mix. comScore is excited to partner with PlaceIQ, a premier provider of advanced location data and analytics, to launch this product, which is available to our clients today.”