First Look: CLX Acquisition of Mblox Advances Enterprise Cloud Communications

indexCLX Communications has entered into a merger agreement under which CLX will acquire Mblox Inc. in a deal worth $117 million.

With this acquisition, CLX believes it can shore up its position as “one of the leading enterprise messaging providers in the world,” specifically by strengthening its position as one of the global leaders in cloud communications for enterprises.

Today, Mblox is one of the largest application-to-person (A2P) mobile messaging providers globally processing more than 7 billion messages in 2015.

Mblox was recognized as one of only four Tier-1 providers in the world (together with CLX) and the highest rated US-based global provider, according to a survey of mobile network operators conducted by the Roaming Consulting Company in 2015.

The combined company will have a strong base to leverage CLX’s ongoing expansion for Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity, and will deliver one of the leading platforms with a large number of operator relationships enabling enterprises to run business critical communications with both people and things, over all three major mobile communication channels: messaging, voice and data.

“CLX was founded with a mission to simplify communications globally and this is a significant step forward,”says Johan Hedberg, CEO and co-founder of CLX. “The deal strengthens CLX’s position in existing markets and more importantly gives us a strong foothold in the large and attractive US market. The acquisition expands our global communications network and will also significantly increase our customer base with a number of blue chip enterprises. The expansion of our global IoT connectivity network will gain pace due to the increased footprint and scale with mobile operators that this deal delivers.”