First Look: Brand Sponsored Data from Datami Now Connects 25 Million Mobile Customers

MMW learned ahead of the weekend that mobile engagement specialist Datami has enabled more than 25 million consumers to engage with leading brands through the use of sponsored mobile data and data rewards.

“Datami’s extensive consumer reach, based on a unique network of partnerships with some of the world’s largest mobile operators, represents unmatched commercial scale within the sponsored data sector,” the company tells us.

According to a media release, explosive adoption of the Datami platform in Latin American markets including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Central America is now spreading to Africa, South-East Asia, and Europe as sponsored data becomes a global commercial phenomenon.

“Mobile data is a precious commodity for consumers. We want our marketplace to be free and accessible to everyone,” said Pablo Moretti, Head of Product Development at Mercado Libre, Latin America’s largest e-commerce community. “Partnering with Datami allows us to reach more customers whenever and wherever they are without using their data packages—which is driving significantly higher mobile engagement.”

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