First Look: Barometric Division of AdTheorent Spun-Out as Separate Business

Media Release: Barometric, MRC-Accredited provider of the industry’s most advanced cross-environment tracking and measurement solution, today announced parent company AdTheorent, Inc.’s reorganization of the Barometric division as a separate company. As an independent entity, Barometric is positioned to invest further in its growth and evolution as the dominant player in the ad tracking and measurement space via its revolutionary product offerings.

AdTheorent was founded in 2011 as an advertising technology company using data, predictive targeting and machine learning to provide competitive advantages to marketers as measured by real-world business outcomes, and Barometric was originally conceived as an internal tool for AdTheorent’s data-driven digital ad network. Over the years, Barometric has grown to become the most advanced cross-environment media tracking and measurement solution in the market. Barometric’s unique capability to collect mobile IDs across all media channels — including direct mail, TV, paid search, print, mobile app and web, desktop, email, social, over-the-top, out-of-home and physical visits — and match these multiple IDs to a single user, results in superior attribution. Barometric was launched as an independent hosted services offering in 2016, and as a result of this transaction AdTheorent and Barometric will enjoy enhanced focus on their respective growth priorities and product objectives.

“We’re excited about the opportunities on the immediate horizon stemming from this transaction,” said Anthony Iacovone, President and CEO of Barometric. “Brands are demanding accuracy and transparency in the measurement of their media, and this is where Barometric thrives. We will continue to offer best-in-class cross-channel and cross-environment measurement and look forward to growth and momentum stemming from this transaction.”

Over the last 12 months, Barometric has hit several recent industry and corporate milestones, including:

Developing and delivering a new, free invalid traffic identification search tool, Clean Score, to the market, allowing publishers to proactively monitor the levels of invalid traffic coming to their sites
Earned MRC-accreditation by meeting the rigorous industry standards for its measurement of served ad impressions and clicks
Announced capabilities to track Direct Mail with an unprecedented level of accuracy

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