First Look: 5HD Boosts Analytics Platform with Adbrain’s Identity AI

MMW learned Tuesday that digital marketing and technology specialists 5HD has selected Adbrain – a global powerhouse in resolving customer identity for marketers and their partners – as its exclusive identity resolution partner.

We’re told that 5HD will utilize Adbrain’s Identity AI to offer its clients a single, consolidated, cross-platform view of their customers.

Adbrain’s Identity AI approach utilizes machine learning technology to create cohorts of identities across three dimensions of data: People, Places and Devices. The multi-dimensional identity methodology affords 5HD a comprehensive view of identity beyond a single-device context.

According to an emailed statement, 5HD also selected Adbrain due to the ability to get raw-level data and because Adbrain can provide a cross-platform view across all 5HD’s advertising partners. These capabilities allow 5HD to present clients with a complete conversion path, taking all media channels into account to enable insights like how mobile page views result in desktop conversions.

“Cross-device is essential to understanding the full path to conversion. Through our partnership with Adbrain, we can bring all the pieces together and aggregate performance and conversion data like never before,” said Andrew Bauer, Director of Software Development at 5HD. “We can now give truly actionable insights, combining cross-platform marketing reporting with a 360-degree customer view. We’re able to show our clients in-depth insights on how simultaneous campaigns affect one another. That same reporting then helps us continually improve our campaigns to deliver more prospects and improved cost-efficiency.”