Finally Facebook Creates Its Own Marketing Tool for Messenger Bots

facebookFacebook announced the company will be releasing an analytics tool to provide more insights to Messenger bot makers about how people are interacting with their bots, reports. The tool will cross-reference those stats with people’s Facebook profile data, with the goal of of improving people’s experiences with the bots.

An analytics tools of this sort has been long awaited since the April 2016 debut of the bots, as the market now has over 34,000 Messenger bots in place.

The new tool will allow developers to track how people are interacting with their websites and mobile apps. Messenger bot makers will be able to specify which events they want Facebook’s analytics tool to track, such as certain types of messages, specific individual messages, or categories of content included in messages.

Bot makers will then be able to use that insight to segment what types of messages to send to which audiences. Like the other Facebook analytics products, the bot analytics tool will be available for free.

Taking it a step further, within a matter of weeks Facebook expects to enable Messenger bot makers to use the analytics tool to create audiences that they can target with ads across Facebook, Instagram and its Audience Network ad network.

In the end it’s a double whammy move for Facebook as it allows marketers better insight into their customers’ journey and at the same time gives Facebook the opportunity for more ad revenue. Facebook Analytics for Apps product manager Josh Twist comments, “We want to roll all of these things together so you can understand the complete customer journey.”