Film38 Launches iPhone-friendly Website

Independent production company Film38 has launched new iPhone- and iPod Touch-friendly website to showcase its work, featuring technology pioneered by digital agency Front of Mind.

Front of Mind has also provided the site’s Content Management System, a dedicated blog section, web-optimized content and search engine optimization.

Film38 produces films for advertising and digital agencies for brands like Mazda, Heineken, Johnnie Walker and John Lewis, and has a reputation for being strong in the production of content for the web and other new media platforms such as digital signage.

The website features high resolution video footage, supported by technology developed by Front of Mind to reduce load times, allowing such assets to download and display instantly.

The H.264 video codec, which is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch devices, has been used to enhance a version of the site specifically designed for access on next-generation mobile devices.

The site will automatically adjust to the platform it is being accessed on to ensure the best user experience.

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