Fifty Percent of Canadians Aren't Looney: They Rely on Mobile Devices for Holiday Connection

Fifty Percent of Canadians Aren't Looney They Rely on Mobile Devices for Holiday ConnectionHow do Canadians keep in contact during the holidays?

According to a recent survey commissioned by WIND Mobile, in which more than 74 percent of Canadians admit it is important to stay connected during the holiday season, fully half of Canucks said they will depend on mobile devices.

“The holidays are a time for creating lasting memories with loved ones, but the demands of travel, family, and careers mean we can’t always be in close proximity with them,” says Kimberly Moffit, a relationship expert. “Keeping in touch via technology is now more essential to your relationship than ever.”

According to the team behind the research, there are ways for those folks to feel connected during the holidays.

Suggestions include making board games digital, using Skype to stay in virtual but visual touch, and — in a throwback to a bygone era — writing homemade Christmas cards.

“Social media is great at capturing picturesque moments of the holiday season, with snow covering the ground and families full of good cheer,” the report summary explains. “That makes it perfect for Tweets, Instagrams, and long-distance calls no matter where you are this holiday season.”

In other words, it’s the season for merry … and a whole lot of mobile.