Few Marketers Finding Good ROI in Mobile

Few Marketers Finding Good ROI in MobileAccording to the findings of a new research report, few marketers are finding “good ROI” in mobile.

This week, Tyler Loechner of RTM Daily revealed that marketing technology firm [x+1] is about to put forward the aforementioned report which provides an in-depth look at mobile ads with regard to how they are perceived by marketers and consumers alike.

Thanks to a sneak peak provided by the company’s VP of marketing John Haake, one of the report’s most insightful takeaways is hitting the marketing blogosphere early.

According to the findings presented in the new report, only 3% of marketers are finding “good ROI” in mobile.

Obviously, this revelation raises more questions than it answers. But when the full report is published (most likely next month) more clarity will likely be provided.

While only 3% of marketers reported “good ROI” in mobile, Haake believes all signs still point toward mobile becoming a bigger part of the marketing mix.

“It takes a long time for the dollars to actually flow to where the eyeball is,” Haake told RTM Daily. “The interjection of programmatic techs and better targeting data has created something of value in [mobile] that may have not existed for consumers in the past.”