Females Consume Significantly More Mobile Content Than Males

Females Consume Significantly More Mobile Content Than MalesIn its latest BoomBox report for the month of April, Myxer indicates that females are far more prolific mobile content users than males, by a long shot.

The new report looked at female consumption habits compared to males, using unique data broken down by new users, smartphone concentration, content downloads and wireless carriers.  The results were very surprising.

According to the study, for the month of April females downloaded twice the amount of mobile entertainment content as males, with 4.5 million downloads, or 67% of total content downloads, compared to 2.2 million downloads for males.  This large disparity in downloads is due to two factors; there are roughly 1.7 times as many females as males downloading content from Myxer on a monthly basis, and each female that visits downloads 17% more content than the average male.

Even more interesting is Myxer’s breakdown of downloads by gender on Android and iPhones, where females far outnumber males once again.  The average female using an Android device downloaded 7.6 pieces of content for the month of April, while the average male visiting Myxer on an Android device only downloaded 6.0 items during that time, or 21% less than the average female.  This is a big contrast to iPhone handsets where females only downloaded 6% more than males, or 3.0 items compared to 2.8 items respectively.