FedEx And UPS “Delivering” Mobile Service

fed-ex-logo.jpgAlthough FedEx and UPS are accustomed to delivering assorted packages far and wide, both companies are delivering one remarkably similar service to their millions of loyal customers – mobile accessibility.

FedEx Mobile is actively courting the “on-the-go” customer by touting their ability to expedite and simplify shipping transactions. According to the company, FedEx Mobile is the “mobile version” of FedEx Ship Manager provided through

From accessing account specific information and getting price quotes to scheduling pick ups and tracking packages, FedEx Mobile allows users to log in (through a variety of compatible operating systems and mobile browsers) and make virtually any arrangement they could otherwise make at their PC or through an automated operator.

Conversely, “UPS Wireless” offers a strikingly comparable service, provided that your mobile device (phone, PDA, Blackberry, or iPhone) has a data access plan. According to information provided through their website, UPS mobile services can be accessed either through interactive text messaging or by reviewing a host of service options at

In terms of either mobile service’s ease of use, FedEx at least makes it clear that one can schedule a pick up from their mobile phone. UPS, on the other hand, appears to more strongly emphasize their mobile service’s ability to inform customers of the nearest drop-off location, current shipping rates, tracking info, etc. Although both ostensibly offer the exact same service that they are known for providing through telephone or internet access, FedEx seems to have the leg up on presenting a more seamlessly integrated mobile service.

Because there are no additional fees associated with either service, the ultimate determination of which mobile service is superior will likely be decided through individual preference, much the way their delivery services are presently gauged