Federal Government Shutdown: How The Gaming Industry is Impacted

Federal Government Shutdown How The Gaming Industry is ImpactedAs our sister site mGamingWatch reported Tuesday, the American Gaming Association has just issued a statement and helpful information to gaming industry colleagues and professionals regarding the current high-stakes drama playing out in the nation’s capitol.

“As you’ve no doubt heard, Congress failed to reach an agreement on funding for the federal government and all non-essential functions entered a ‘shutdown’ as of midnight this morning,” the AGA says. “No one in Washington has a good sense as to how long this shutdown will continue (despite the countless pundits who dominate your television). The American Gaming Association is actively monitoring developments and will provide updates when warranted.”

The AGA provided a brief and helpful overview of how the government shutdown may affect gaming-related federal agencies in the near term. According to the AGA:

  • Department of Homeland Security

All Transportation Security Agency and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) functions are anticipated to remain fully operational at our nation’s airports and land borders. CBP may be unable to provide overtime to officers which could lead to further delays for travelers entering the country thru gateway airports.

  • Department of Transportation

The Federal Aviation Administration will remain fully operational throughout the government shutdown. All work on future improvements to the aviation system is deemed non-essential and will shutdown immediately. Amtrak is expected to remain fully operational.

  • Department of State

Visa processing for foreign visitors to the United States will continue at consulates around the world. Processing was halted during the 1996 government shutdown and this activity should be closely watched.

  • Department of the Treasury

Functions that relate to the gaming industry, including the Internal Revenue Service and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, are expected to remain fully operational.

The AGA says it “continues to urge policymakers to rapidly reach a compromise on critical fiscal matters” and will provide additional industry updates as necessary.