FCC Sets Controversial New Rules on Cell Signal Boosters

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission confirmed the establishment of new regulations for cell phone signal boosters.

Per the new rules, signal boosters or their plans can only be obtained with the advanced knowledge and permission of the involved carrier. If permission is granted, the signal booster must be registered with the carrier.

The FCC says registration is important to make certain that the booster meets proper specifications.

The FCC recently adopted new rules to improve signal booster design so these devices won’t cause interference to wireless networks.

Not surprisingly, some are viewing the new rules as a gross intrusion of consumer freedoms through the addition of new rules dictating when and how cell phone signal boosters can be procured.

So if you’re thinking about buying a signal booster, what should you do.

“Before purchasing a new booster,” the FCC says, “you should (1) make sure you have your wireless provider’s permission to use the booster, and (2) buy a booster that displays the label to the right (this means it meets the new FCC rules.) The four largest providers, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T have already agreed to give consumers permission to use boosters displaying the label below. Once you have your provider’s permission, you must register your booster with your wireless provider before turning it on. There is no fee to register your booster.”

Do you agree with the new rules regarding cell phone signal boosters?