FCC Mistakenly Exposes Secret Apple Project Refresh?

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission may have accidentally revealed more than Apple wants us to know with regard to a potentially forthcoming product refresh.

A new FCC filing points to an Apple TV model that doesn’t currently exist. The unannounced model is listed as “A1469” and contains upgraded internal components like an A5X SoC.

While not much else is known of the guts of the device, the set-top box itself delivers a smaller form factor – 93.78mm square as opposed to the current size of 98mm.

Unfortunately, the FCC document doesn’t expose much else with regard to what is presumably the next-generation Apple TV (you can review the filings on the FCC website here).

But with the last Apple TV refresh having taken place almost a full year ago, it is highly probable that we will see a next-gen Apple TV sometime during the first quarter of 2013.