FCC Has The Need for Speed (on Mobile)

FCC Has The Need for Speed (on Mobile)At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain this week, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced the launch of the FCC Speed Test app for iOS devices in the iTunes App Store.

It’s billed as effective way to clock your mobile Internet speed, providing important feedback to the FCC in the process.

The FCC says its Speed Test app is an expansion of the Measuring Broadband America program from fixed to mobile broadband.

The Measuring Broadband America program, which has released three reports on fixed broadband networks, is a private-public partnership designed to bring greater clarity and competition to the broadband service marketplace. Testing data will provide valuable information to consumers, industry, and the Commission on the deployment of networks across the United States.

“The iOS release is the latest step in the Commission’s efforts to crowdsource mobile broadband performance data for the mobile Measuring Broadband America program,” a statement from the FCC reads. “Unlike the Android app, the iOS app cannot run periodically in the background. However, volunteers can test their cellular and Wi-Fi network performance manually to receive an on-demand view of upload and download speed, latency, and packet loss.”

The FCC was careful to note that no personal or uniquely identifiable information is collected.

To get the app, click here.