FCC Chair Reportedly Stepping Down Friday

The rumor mill is suggesting that Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski will soon resign from the position he has held for nearly four years.

According to The Wall Street Journal, sources inside the FCC confirm that the chairman is, indeed, planning to leave at some point soon – very soon.

Genachowski has served as Chairman of the FCC since June 2009. His term is scheduled to end in July. Consequently, it’s peculiar that Genachowski would vacate his office prematurely before the term’s rapidly approaching expiration.

In recent weeks there have been no rumors surrounding Genachowski leaving or what he may do after leaving the FCC.

If an announcement doesn’t come tomorrow or next week, there’s a strong possibility – if not probability – that the Chairman will complete his term.

But sources in the know are seemingly confident that a formal resignation is now just hours away.

Stay tuned.