FBI: Steve Jobs Was Considered for Bush White House Appointment

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has released the FBI file on late Apple CEO and prominent tech visionary Steve Jobs.

Although the 191-page file doesn’t contain any Steve Jobs-related bombshells, there are some surprising revelations.

As it turns out, the iconic iPhone pioneer was once considered for a presidential appointment by the White House in 1991, during the administration of George H.W. Bush.

The appointment, which never ocurred, would have placed Jobs on President Bush’s Export Council. As a result of the consideration, however, Jobs still went through a massive background check and investigation per the request and standard operating procedure of the White House.

“Often the agents only interview employers and people who are suggested by the candidate,” the FBI file author John Cook observes. “It’s obviously unclear who these quoted folks are, but if they were among the people Jobs referred the agents to, then he didn’t know his friends very well.”

Cook is referring to the fact that the “friends” Jobs referred to the FBI for interviews didn’t necessarily have kind things to say of the Apple CEO.

Some called Jobs “deceptive” and questioned his moral character.

“Mr. Jobs has integrity,” another subject, whose identity remains concealed, was quoted as saying in the FBI interview, “as long as he gets his way.”

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