FaceTime for AT&T iPhone May Cost You with iOS 6

Last month during the kickoff of Apple’s 2012 WWDC, Apple announced that iOS 6 would be released this fall. At that time, the ability to make FaceTime calls over a cell connection would be granted to users.

But, as they say, nothing good in life comes for free.

Although FaceTime calls over Wi-Fi have been free since 2010, the ability to enjoy a video chat while roaming about town on your carrier’s network may cost you.

According to a discovery from 9to5Mac, AT&T iPhone users running iOS 6 beta 3 have encountered a prompt notifying the user that AT&T must be contacted to enable FaceTime over cellular on their device, presumably at an added charge (But we don’t know that for sure.)

With the large amount of data that a FaceTime call over Cellular uses, it doesn’t seem like a stretch for AT&T to want to charge for the feature. At this time, other iOS device carrier-partner plans are unclear, but AT&T is the first carrier that demonstrates evidence (in iOS 6 beta 3) for a plan to charge for the feature.

Would you be surprised if FaceTime over a carrier network comes at an additional charge this fall? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.