Facebook’s New Canvas Tool Generating Big Results

Facebook Tops in Super Bowl In-Game Views, YouTube Dominated the Post GameAccording to a new report from MAW, in a day and age of instant gratification and ever shrinking attention spans, the average time spent viewing sponsored ads within social media is between 3 and 5 seconds. Of course, some are performing better than others. As the undisputed industry leader in mobile advertising, Facebook’s announcement of their new Canvas tool has advertisers taking notice.

Economic Times confirms that Canvas has been in the works since 2014, and in its testing phase, generated an average viewing time of 31 seconds per user—with top ads up to 70 seconds.

Canvas is seen as a win/win for both the user and the advertiser. It allows advertisers to tell a story that is interactive, immersive, and fully customizable. It is even designed to load quickly for global locations with slow Internet connectivity. For users, Canvas offers an unobtrusive method of advertising that feels natural and engaging.

One major brand who saw impressive results with Canvas during its testing phase is Wendy’s. The average viewing time of their ad was 65 seconds, with 3% of viewers clicking through to find the nearest location.