Facebook’s Long National iOS App Nightmare is Almost Over

Facebook’s iOS app has been called by some – and they weren’t joking – one of the greatest man-made disasters of our time.

It’s slow, buggy, slow, crash-happy, and did I already mention slow?

Having generated close to 40,000 reviews in the App Store, more than half have come from users who gave the iOS app a 1-star review.


But, alas, a fix has been promised. And it’s coming this summer. That’s according to two unnamed Facebook engineers who recently connected with Nick Bilton of The New York Times.

“One of the Facebook engineers,” Bilton reveals, “said the new application has been built primarily using Objective-C, the programming language used to build applications for iOS. Many of the components of the current version of the Facebook app are built using HTML5, the Web-based markup language.”

“I had the opportunity to see the as-yet unreleased iPhone application,” Bilton adds, “and it is fast. Blazing fast.”

The updated Facebook iOS app could come as soon as this month. And in case you’re worrying about another Facebook facelift in terms of a new design or interface, there’s no need for concern. Facebook’s engineers say that the app will look exactly the same as before, but finally perform like it should have all along.