Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Social Media Cleans Up in Second Quarter

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Social Media Cleans Up in Second QuarterFacebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn should be celebrating these days.

According to a story by Brian Nichols at The Motley Fool, “The big three social networking sites — Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter — all blew the doors off earnings expectations during the second quarter.

Of course, Facebook has been a kingpin for a while.

Just how profitable was it?

“To see the degree of improvement for both Twitter and LinkedIn, one needs to look no further than each company’s respective first quarter,” says Nichols. “For example, LinkedIn gets about one-fifth of its revenue from advertising, and in the second quarter its revenue growth from this segment accelerated to 44 percent from 36 percent in the quarter prior.”

LinkedIn added 2,200 new accounts, notes Nichols, up substantively from the 1,400 created in the first quarter.

Whither Twitter?

“Meanwhile, Twitter’s advertising revenue was far from being a problem, as it increased 129 percent versus last year and accounted for just about 90 percent of its $312 million in total revenue. Notably, these metrics were higher than the first quarter’s growth rate,” Nichols explains.

Social media is proving to be a rich environment for monetization — once companies figure out how to do it to best advantage. In addition, better targeting has allowed these companies to put a finer point on consumers, offering marketers both more specificity and more accountability.

The Motley Fool story has much more detail on the machinations of the three social media platforms. To read more, click here.