Facebook Stock Collapses to Record Low Friday

Here’s a status update Mark Zuckerberg won’t like.

On Friday, Facebook’s stock (FB) fell to a new all-time low following a less than inspiring first earnings report Thursday. At one point today, shares of Facebook were down 17%, hitting a new low of $22.28. If you’re not keeping score at home, that is more than 40% below May’s IPO price.

Despite Facebook pulling in a 32% increase in second-quarter revenue, investors and analysts alike remain skeptical regarding how the company can generate more revenue in the future, particularly through Facebook’s mobile channel.

“Monetizing the mobile ads will take them time, and they have to balance the growth with user experience, which is why you may not see growth quarter to quarter,” Arvind Bhatia, a prominent Facebook watcher and analyst with Sterne Agee, tells CNN.

But monetizing mobile remains the ultimate end-goal for Facebook, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg admits that mobile users are substantially more active than their PC-using counterparts.

“On average mobile users are around 20 percent more likely to use Facebook on any given day,” Zuckerberg said Thursday. “So mobile not only gives us the potential to connect more people with our services and also gives us the ability to provide more value and more deeply engaging experience.”