Facebook Reports 69% Climb in Mobile Ad Revenues, But Google Still King of the Hill with Lion’s Share of Total

Facebook Reports 69 percent Climb in Mobile Ad Revenues, But Google Still King of the Hill with Lion's Share of TotalLet’s hear it for Moneybook … oops … we mean Facebook.

The social media megalith now commands 7.5 percent of global digital spending. Facebook recently reported a 53 percent YOY increase in quarterly revenue, 69 percent of which came from its moves into mobile advertising.

“The social media giant has continued to pursue its digital ad strategy on top of a daily active user base of 890 million in Q4 of 2014,” according to Marketing-Interactive. “During the period, revenue from advertising was US$3.6 billion, a 58 percent increase from the same quarter last year.”

Don’t count all the chickens until they hatch, however. Though Facebook has racked up some impressive numbers, it is still trailing mobile ad leader Google, whose share of mobile accounted for 40.5 percent in global mobile ad revenue (with — true — a slight drop from its 46.46 percent share in 2013).

“The bigger Facebook gets, it cements its position as one of the most dominant players in digital media, and it has the size and reach to change the rules of digital advertising and convince others to play by them,” said eMarketer principal analyst Debra Aho Williamson.

How is Facebook netting that bigger share? For one thing, by ramping up its ad tools and measurements in an effort to end the click-based metrics that never seem a true measurement of ROI.

“Most recently the social giant has given a lift to its measurement offerings with a new method to allow ‘conversion lift’ measurement data from Facebook ads in an effort to more accurately measure the impact of Facebook ads exposure across different platforms,” the report concludes. “According to consumer data collection firm Datalogix, 90 percent of people who saw a Facebook ad and purchased in-store never clicked on an ad at all.”