Facebook Reportedly Planning to Launch Social Music Service Within Days

Social networking giant Facebook is reportedly gearing up to launch a new social music service of sorts – an offering that is actively being touched up and prepped for introduction in the coming days.

Sources speaking in confidence to Reuters indicate that new features will be imbued on user home pages. The features “deeply integrate music services” from Facebook partners including Spotify, MOG, Rhapsody, Slacker and Rdio.

Present plans call for the music platform to be unveiled at Facebook’s developer conference scheduled to commence on September 22nd.

For now, executives for Facebook will not offer public comment on the rumors.

Though Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking services with more than 750 million users, its founder Mark Zuckerberg is keen to increase the amount of time users spend in the Facebook environment.

According to sources in the know, music will be all but “one aspect of the strategy to improve Facebook’s ‘stickiness.'”

“They are working on a platform for music where the goal is to create a connective tissue for fans,” a source close to Facebook tells Reuters.